Thursday, January 24, 2013

Advent Calendar Complete

Has anyone realized it's almost the end of January? Where has this month gone? We've been busy cleaning up from the holidays and getting crafty for Sophia's upcoming FIRST birthday! More to come on those fun projects!

As for the calendar, I finished it just before Christmas. It was so much fun to create the ornaments (some from patterns, others from general ideas I spotted on Pinterest). I used basic craft felt because it was in ready supply and the right price. Felted Wool is your best bet when creating things to last forever, but since this was my first attempt, I figured I should take it easy. Craft glue and sewing floss (typically used for cross-stitch) came in handy! I purchased the craft felt numbers from Sunshine Annie on Etsy. She's got a wide variety of colors and fonts to choose from and she shipped my order in record time. (Her card is stuck in the #6 pocket so I don't lose it, but I really should have pulled it out for the glamour shot!)

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