Monday, May 7, 2012

Placemat Pillow Tutorial

I LOVE pillows! I love looking at them in magazines, in stores, and particularly in my home. Despite my crazy love affair with them, I can't stand the price tag that most pillows sport. Why in the world two pieces of 20"x20" fabric and a bag of polyfill add up to $50+ is mind boggling. So I've been investigating ways to cut costs on the things I love. Some of my favorite tricks are buying remnant fabrics. You can get two coordinating fabrics to make any size pillow! I also love the idea of purchasing a set of four napkins (conveniently cut to 20"x20"). My latest discovery are placemats. I've heard of folks buying two, stiching them together, and then stuffing, so I did just that. Kinda! I found that my clearance placemats from Target were two pieces of fabric topstitched together. I used my handy seam ripper (that came with my sewing machine) to open up a 2" section and then used up 2/3 bag of 16oz poly fill. (I like my pillows full, so I'll probably rip open an old pillow that I don't care for and use that stuffing to really plump it before top stitching the 2" gash closed.

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