Thursday, May 3, 2012

Infant Peasant Dress Tutorial

We took Sophia to church for the first time a few weeks ago. The weather was unseasonably cooler, and threw a kink into outfit plans! I knew she would need to wear a sweater or a jacket. Dilemma: Sophia has grown so quickly that she no longer fit into the newborn sweater, but wasn't ready for the 6 month size. I did have the PERFECT little blazer for her, but no dress to match. Solution: sew one quick. I used this pattern and tutorial. I added two inches onto the length of the peasant dress hoping it would be a bit longer on our growing bundle of joy. I tried to get a bit too crafty and added a lining (in green) as well as ribbon to the sleeves and bottom hem of the dress (not shown...because I decided at the end I didn't like them and had to rip several seams to remove them). The dress would have taken about 45 minutes had I just stuck with the pink fabric (extra broad cloth I had sitting around) and the lining.

The most difficult part of the pattern to sew were the arm holes. I don't know how the originator actually accomplished this using her sewing machine to straight stitch on the wrong side of the fabric. I found that the sleeves were just too tiny, so I had to actually top stitch, very slowly, and rotate the sleeve around the needle. I had a lot of fun with the pattern and could definitely see using it again. However, at this point I would need to enlarge it to fit our sweet baby who has moved on to six month clothes! The cute little flower pin follows the same creative steps found in the 5 Minute Bow post. I cut my ovals from old Christmas ribbon!

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