Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Garage Updates

My dad has truly inspired my husband to make better use of our garage space. It's only a one-car and can get pretty cramped, even without the car. Previously, we had been keeping our gardening "stuff" in a small prefab cabinet and my collection of spray paint in a box on the floor. These items are prepped to find new homes on their new shelves! Brian discovered that the space against the wall of the garage door had more potential than we gave credit. He used our old shelving from our master closet and a four 8ft boards he purchased at Home Depot to create a work of art! To speed up this project, Brian's uncle suggested that we line up our bookcase ends on the floor and then attach the first and last shelves. Then Brian could work alone to quickly secure the other shelves with his 2" wood screws. Brian then secured the entire shelf to the garage walls (corner to corner). There is a matching shelf on the other side of the garage door. I plan on using my lovely new label maker to spruce up the space! No more searching for my blue spray paint or the ant killer!
From Drop Box

From Drop Box

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