Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crib Bedding

I've been searching EVERYWHERE for crib bedding that doesn't look too babyish and have had a terrible time of locating some inspiration. For the last few months, I've been going to All About Fabrics on their once-a-month open-to-the-public sale. This time around I found some fabrics that I absolutely love. (And of course, following Lauren fashion, I purchased them ----- even if they didn't match the room, the fabric is a great price!) Luckily, these matched the room perfectly. I know that you're thinking I should bring paint swatches and carpet samples with me. BUT you can't account for the lighting aspect that CHANGES EVERYTHING. So when I can get my fabrics for $3.50-$4.50 a POUND, I just go ahead and buy what I love! Here's what I'm working on so far.
From Drop Box
A good friend helped me to find fabric patterns that matched well. (I couldn't have done it without her ---- Thanks E!) I've also chosen not to use a pattern. The sewing patterns I purchased cramp my style! So I spent some quality time with paper, pen, and a measuring tape to identify my finished sizes. Then I added in 1/4" seam allowances. For the crib skirt, I am following the basic idea of this no-sew video, except that I will be hemming my skirt. I will also be attaching it to a base fabric that will cover the springs on my crib mattress support rails. (I read on Baby Gizmo that the springs are great, but that they tend to destroy mattresses over time.) As a solution, I grabbed some heavy outdoor fabric and cut a piece that I could use to lay over the springs. This cover will be attached to the frame with velcro so it can easily be replaced, but remains secure when I am changing the mattress bedding. I will then attach the skirt pieces to the cover with velcro and be able to move the skirt pieces up over time as the mattress support is lowered. So far, I've got all my pieces cut. Next I'll be pinning and stitching! I ordered some baby bumper filler and found the best price on with free shipping site-to-store.

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  1. looks like fun.....glad you are doing the sewing and not me. i wouldn't have the patience. can't wait to see it altogether!


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