Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas 2011

I love the holiday season! The decorations take up more space in the attic than any other group of items we own! We've just finished the tree. We found our tree for $35 at Edwards & Wade Hampton from a North Carolina family. The tree has some inconsistent branches which made it tricky for decorating, but it is incredibly wide for the price! It took 10 strands (1000) lights and has over 120 glass bulbs. Brian has replaced a few fuses in the light strands for me. Apparently, you cannot connect 1000 lights and expect them to all run on the same circuit. We had break the group up, so every now and then the bottom half will flicker as I get close to blowing another fuse. (Brian believes that part of the problem is that I am using 2 strands that use to decorate our deck outside...I ran out of lights and went on my own scavenger hunt to find reinforcements...outside.)The tree also has over 25 pine cones and some antique ornaments. One of the ornaments broke this year - our First Christmas Together from Hallmark. It shattered into hundreds of pieces. It wasn't the only ornament I dropped; pregnancy has a way of making your grip less sure. It took about 5 hours total to get the lights and decorations up on the tree and we couldn't be more excited!
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In addition to our exciting photo Christmas cards that we mail out each year, we like to do a little something extra for our wonderful neighbors. Last year we made hot cocoa jars. They were a bit more expensive to assemble than I estimated and they were quite labor intensive. This year, we opted for White Trash stuffed in Target tins I had purchased for $0.50 each during the Christmas clearance last year. The recipe made a TON! After 8 tins, we still had 2.5 gallon size bags of the treat left over.

White Trash Recipe (mix in a LARGE mixing bowl, makes about 1 gallon bag)
-2c Rice Chex
-2c Corn Chex
-2c Honey Nut Chex
-1c Mixed nuts
-1c Mini pretzels
-20oz bar Almond Bark (melted in the microwave)

Mix and pour out on a piece of wax or parchment paper to dry. Break apart and place in lined tins.

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

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