Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrapping Paper Organizer

I've been searching online for ideas to store my gift wrapping essentials. I thought I had found the perfect answer to a slim design that could hide behind the door to our laundry room like this one from Centsational Girl, but Brian had a better idea. He suggested that I go in search of another hanging door organizer like the one I found for our pantry at Walmart for $18 by Mainstays. What a grand idea it was. I actually had to buy two sets to get the baskets I wanted to use, but I think his design holds much more paper, ribbon, etc. than my initial plan. Plus, I only needed a screw driver and 4 screws to secure the organizer. Much faster than busting out the saws!
From Drop Box
I store my boxes and bags in two separate larger (hideous, never-plan-on-reusing) gift bags in the cabinet above my dryer. The washer and dryer make a great wrapping surface. Christmas wrapping has been so quick and easy this year with everything at my fingertips. The best part is that the only way to see my wrapping station is to truly close oneself in the laundry room.

And because I HATE to waste anything, I used some of the other shelving left over from the 2nd box to create some extra storage under my kitchen sink! This time I used 2 Command hooks to secure the wire shelving. These two shelves hold my gallon and snack size baggies (that wouldn't fit in the organizer attached to the door), as well as extra tablets for the dishwasher and my green bags for fruits & veggies.
From Drop Box

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