Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY Baby Boy Gifts

I've been combing the internet for a QUICK, EASY set of DIY gifts that I could give as a set to my fantastic neighbor who was pregnant (now 3 weeks post partum!) with her first boy. Luckily, the internet did not disappoint: set of three fleece-lined wee-wee wigwams, minky taggie blanket, tie onesie applique, and interchangeable snap bow tie onesie. Please excuse the horrendous lighting that "effects" on my phone couldn't even fix. I was in a hurry to deliver the overdue goods and didn't use my big girl camera :)

Here are the tutorials I used. I only bought a yard of fabric (and used a FRACTION of it), 3 spools of ribbon, some snaps, and a set of onesies. The rest of my materials were scraps from other sewing projects. It was fantastic!
  • Wee-Wee Wigwams by Make It, Love It
  • Taggie Blanket by Just Another Day in Paradise (note: I cut my ribbon 6" so that a baby could actually get his/her fingers around the tags and actually stitched them with length:1 instead of basting to make sure they were tightly secured; see previous here)
  • Tie Onesie Applique by moi (note: these are all over Pinterest, but they are so easy to do yourself with some Heat & Bond and a zig-zag stitch in coordinating thread)
  • Snap Bow Tie Onesie by One Young Love (note: I used 9x4" tie length and one button seen here; when sewing the button, I would suggest waiting to use hot glue until after button is attached as pictured below on the right)

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  1. You are amazing! Going to have make the bow ties for Owen! You just proved to me that boy clothes CAN be cute :)


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