Monday, March 11, 2013

Zip It Up!

Last week I had the awesome challenge privilege to help my neighbor sew a pillow and pillow case with zipper. It was my second zipper. EVER. And I have to admit that I was a bit nervous terrified that I would disappoint my sweet friend with my total lack of zipper skills. She was pleased with the outcome, which gave me the confidence I needed to complete the pillowcase for Sophia's room that has been waiting for oh, 14 months, to complete. TOTAL SLACKER. But in all fairness, I was intimidated by the zipper and didn't want to mess up the precious fabric I had left to match her crib bedding.

So I took the plunge. Because I only had a small amount of fabric left, I couldn't cut two pieces - even a seam allowance would cost too much! So I folded my material in half and determined I would sew along 3 sides, the longest side holding my precious zipper. I found the pictures from Make It, Love It to be INCREDIBLY helpful! Here are the steps that I want to make sure I NEVER forget:

  1. Lay zipper on fabric and mark where it begins and ends.
  2. On either end you will use a regular stitch and backstitch, since we will NOT be ripping those seams.
  3. Baste stitch (longest straight stitch setting) the center section, since we will be ripping those.
  4. Press seam open.
  5. Lay zipper face down on the pressed seam on the WRONG side of the fabric. (This will ensure that the zipper is facing the right direction once you turn your fabric.)
  6. Tape the zipper in place. (I've tried pins, but taping is PERFECT! Trust me.)
  7. Topstitch the zipper. (Sewing on the right side of the fabric ensures a beautiful line for all to see.)
  8. Start at the bottom of the zipper, and stitch up toward the actual pull of the zipper.
  9. About 2" before you get to the pull, unzip the zipper past the point of where you paused stitching. (This will allow you to continue to stitch a straight line without running over the pull.)
  10. Continue stitching until you get just above the end of the zipper teeth but you're still on the zipper fabric. Turn 90* and stitch just until you cross onto the other side of the zipper.
  11. STOP!
  12. Zip your zipper back up.
  13. Go back to the bottom of the zipper, where you started before, but this time, stitch on the other side.
  14. Now when it's time to pass the pull, you'll have to use your seam ripper so that you can actually unzip it.
  15. Don't worry. Your zipper will stay in place from this point on. You've got your trusty tape AND you're almost done so that fabric will be cooperative.
  16. Repeat step 8.

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  1. looks great.....glad you tackled the zipper thing.....doesn't it feel good to accomplish something big like that?


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