Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Switcharoo Take 2

This year at the bi-annual Switcharoo event, I really made out like a bandit! I followed all my tricks from last year, including the necessity of a large laundry basket. I added an additional rule of no item over $4. Really? $4! You can't get anything for $4! Prepare to have your mind blown! Every item pictured was $4 or less EXCEPT the silver dress that was $7 that my sister bought for Sophia. These dresses should all grow with her for the next year. Most of them are 24M and 2T. She's a bit short for them now, but weight-wise, it's a perfect fit. Also, most of these dresses match with the white sweater I bought for those chillier days. All that I'm missing is a pair or two of some nice white tights!

2 Pairs Shoes + 11 Dresses (not including silver) + 2 Sweaters + 3 Sleepers + 2 Rompers + 1 Shirt + 2 Pairs Pants = $80!

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