Monday, August 27, 2012

Dot Mobile

While I was pregnant, I found so many great nursery ideas on Pinterest. I fell in love with two mobiles - the bird and the dot. I knew the bird would be larger so that was slated to hang above the crib, but where to put the dot?

The answer to that question came when I decided on the size of my dots. I LOVE SAVING MONEY, so any cheap or FREE solution would be perfect. I decided to use circles cut with a 1" punch (I had previously purchased) from paint color cards (FREE). I took my striped crib fabric to walmart and got busy searching for color matches. Within a few minutes I had 4 cards of each color.

I punched as many dots as I could from each card and then stacked them back to back (since the reverse side of each color card was white). Then I laid the dots out in patterns to be sewn together with off-white thread. I must confess that I was actually working on this project the night before Sophia joined our family and that the project was finally finished (and hung) when she was a month old.

Stitching the dots together was a bit tricky because I didn't glue the pieces together. (I skipped the adhesive because it gunks up the needle and my trusty machine.) I stitched a few extra strands knowing that I'd mess up on at least one or two.

I tied the ends of each strand to a tiny wreath I found at the Dollar Store and suspended the mobile with fishing line. Sophia loves to watch the dots spin while I change her!

Total Time Spent - 3 hours
Total Cost - $1

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  1. should be posting these things on instagram!


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