Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reorganized Pantry

One of the easiest spots to get overlooked in our house is the pantry. Although it is my favorite room, it is by far the most disorganized. Every few months, I perform a purge and reorganize this little room but I always run into the same problem, that my husband was so sweet to point out: I organize based on the stock I have at that moment. The problem with organizing based on what you have is that when you get more of something, there's no place to put it! Instead, the can of corn gets placed with the baking ingredients and the dog food ends up on the floor next to some appliances. This time around I set up organizing based on the average amount of space I would need. Here are some pictures!
I came up with my categories while nursing and started grouping items one at a time until I had a solid 30 minutes to really organize the room. Now we've got the enough space and the labels help us place our groceries so that we can find them later! I really wanted to purchase some great plastic hang tags, but the shipping was outrageous, so I settled for contact paper over cardstock tied up with some excess ribbon. Not my favorite, but it works!

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