Monday, February 27, 2012

Growing Baby Girl

Miss S has been growing well! Her pediatricians are considering her "premie" because of her early arrival; however, her gains over the past 2 weeks have been anything but "premie". When we left the hospital on a Tuesday, Sophia's weight had dropped from 6lb, 5oz to 5lb, 12oz. She was scheduled for a weight check that Friday at which she came back up to 6lb, 1oz. The doctor was so impressed that she allowed Sophia an entire week before the next weight check. At that most recent check, Sophia weighed in at 6lb, 12.5oz! Needless to say, we are now allowed to feed her on demand rather than wake her every 2 hours. She is still below average birth weight for full term, but we are praising the Lord for her gains!

Thursday, we have an appointment with an ENT to evaluate her frenulum. Mine was clipped when I was just a few months old. Sophia is mildly tongue-tied according to her chart from the hospital, so we are getting a second opinion. Her latch has been poor since birth and I've had to use nipple shields to enable breastfeeding at all. I am hoping that the ENT will shed some light on possibly improving her feeding/latching skills.

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