Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Guest's Work of Art!

Well, all that research on bookshelves was nice, but when it came to implementation, I just didn't get it. I tried a few patterns of shapes, sizes, and colors that I found online, but I couldn't complete the design to fill the entire space. So I called my friend Sarah and asked for her help. Within an hour, she had all the shelves stocked and looking beautiful! It was like a beautiful ballet as she grabbed books (which I thought were impossible to use), and turned them backwards! She brought in so many colors and textures. I love the glass she incorporated. One thing I did learn after our adventures in decorating was that a picture cannot truly capture the look of a bookshelf. There are whimsical shadows that disappear with a camera's flash. I also learned that bookshelves look different from different angles. The pictures below make the shelves look empty, but when viewed from the couch with the lighting from the bay window or the ceiling fan, they look full and warm! Thanks again, Sarah!!!! You are my hero!!!

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