Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pining for a New Sofa

Every few weeks I get the urge to throw out our lovely sleeper sofa and shop for a replacement. I get tired of the color....that I can never match. Overall the couch is great. It's almost 9 years old and it still has a decent overall shape. The fabric has held up pretty well too. Sometimes I try to tell myself that it's just me that hates the fabric and that I have a GREAT couch. Yesterday, to prove this theory to myself, I took a cushion to Tony's Fabric. I asked the ladies what could go with it and they said, "Anything!" I'm pretty sure they said it twice. However, as we made our way up and down each aisle, we were hit with the harsh reality that nothing really matched it. We found one fabric that had these great geometric patterns, perfect for pillows. The background was black...yes, black...which I am deathly afraid of, but it matched. The patterns were a tea, lime, and terra cotta color. Who knew those were the colors in the unmatchable sofa? The fabric was pricey and I would have to buy 1.5 yards of it just to get two shapes, the rest of the fabric would be waste. So I didn't make a purchase.

And once again, I am on the hunt for a new, more neutral couch. I think I've found a style with good reviews at Haverty's. I don't like the legs at all, but the dimensions are perfect. The price on the chairs is a bit high, but again, the size is just right. We'll see what happens!

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