Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Yard

2009 On the Market
We moved into our first house about a year and a half ago. Based on observations from neighbors (some of whom have lived in our development since its inception back in the early 80's), NO ONE has ever done ANYTHING with the yard. Sure, flowers have been planted, but the grass? Well, it was grass no longer. We had to rent a Harley rake to destroy the mass of green weeds and level out the many dips in the yard. It was a painstaking process that lead to a number of blisters.

2010 Shrubs Added to Front Bed
The crepe myrtle out front lost a right hanging branch in a storm, so it looked horribly lopsided. We took that tree out with the hopes of a shade tree somewhere in the front yard.

Our backyard used to be a lush mess providing great privacy, but that just wasn't going to work. The overgrowth extended about 10 feet into the yard. We decided to have a landscaping plan developed by a professional. It required some rearranging and a total overhaul of our grass, but we've completed phase 1!

There is still much to do and many years of work ahead of us, but we're learning as we go and having a great time together.

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