Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Floor Updates

We've been dying to replace our stained and tired first floor carpeting since the day we put a contract on the house. We were able to get new carpet for the stairs and second floor, but had aspirations of something more beautiful downstairs. (You'll also notice the bright red walls, off-white trim, and crazy brass fireplace cover that was never attached...those have been updated as well.) We found our African Mahogany 12 mil laminate with padding at Lumber Liquidators. We had a great time installing the gigantic puzzel. I'll admit that I was a bit frustrated with the speed of the project. It took more time than we bargained for to remove the old carpet and pad, replace molded subfloor by the fireplace, demolish the oak hardwood flooring in the foyer (that was so easily damaged, we determined never to get real hardwoods in a foyer again...unless sealed with clear concrete coat, which is quite expensive), undercut all of the door jams, and then cut all of our lovely puzzel pieces to size.
We didn't have any safety goggles, so Brian used my motorcycle helmet!
The floors look amazing. So do the Relaxed Khaki walls and bright white trim that are in keeping with the rest of the house. And the new 2" faux wood blinds don't look too bad either...but you'll have to wait for a picture on those. Oh, and I just realized that you can't see the new ceiling fan either!

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