Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Toddler Neck Pillows Pattern

Last week as we drove my family back to the airport, Sophia did something that she rarely does. It's so rare, that I've never considered how I could improve the process....She fell asleep. In the car. What?!

We've all seen pictures of toddlers and children with their heads slumped forward while sleeping in carseats. I know I personally would get a ridiculous crick in my neck, but kids don't seem to mind. So on to Pinterest I went, in search of a toddler neck pillow pattern. Eunice at Mommy Sew Pretty has a free pattern and simple tutorial (cut, sew, flip, stuff). To print the pattern, open the link with Paint, select Print Preview, select Page Setup, and change the orientation to Portrait. The image should take up the majority of the 8.5x11" paper.

I used scraps of fleece from the girls' reversible carseat ponchos and pink broadcloth from Sophia's birthday dress. The project took less than an hour from start to (almost) finish to make two. Before stitching the pillow closed, I want to make sure that the amount of stuffing is just right when the girls use them in their carseats.

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