Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crock Pot Mongolian Beef Recipe

This recipe by Who Needs a Cape was SO simple to assemble and did not require any prep beyond opening containers. In short, this is my kind of recipe! I made two bags since you'll use a full jar of hoisin sauce with a double recipe. For this meal, I only defrosted and cooked one of the bags.

I followed the recipe with only one substitution (shallots in place of onions), and the crockpot was smelling like a tasty Asian restaurant after about 3hr on low in my crockpot. I continued to cook on low until we hit 6hr. In my opinion, we should have eaten this dish at 3-4hr. By six, the meat was chewy and the smell wasn't as appetizing. It was just overdone. I added 1/4c of water around 4 hours because I thought it looked a bit dry, but that didn't prevent the resulting dry meat.

Before serving, I heated up a steamer bag of broccoli and tossed it (drained, of course) into the crockpot so the broccoli could soak up some of that delicious sauce. Then I plated the beef and broccoli over white rice.

This meal froze, defrosted, and cooked beautifully (despite the suggested cook time being too long). Definitely an EASY freezer/crock-pot meal to file away for the future!

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