Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pioneer Woman's Bowtie Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Source: Pioneer Woman
I've heard about this pioneer gal for some time. Seems like she's got some fabulous recipes out there, so I thought I'd click over to her site and take a look. I really enjoy her writing style and her attitude toward food prep. She appears confident but not obsessive, which I would love to become!....both parts....confident in cooking and no longer obsessive about getting my ingredients just right :)

The Bowtie Chicken Alfredo was my first attempt at one of Pioneer Woman's recipes. The recipe was easy. I enjoyed ALL of the pictures. I did not use my cast iron because I couldn't count on being able to stand next to my stove with two kids under the age of two needing my attention, so I changed up the chicken portion. I cubed 3 breasts and covered them in olive oil and poultry seasoning, then tossed them on a cookie sheet in the oven for about 20 minutes. They came out extra moist and delicious, but I admit that this change probably had some overall effect on the flavor of the dish. I also didn't have any fancy white, dry wine....I just had a small bottle of white and since I'm wine illiterate, who knows if it was dry. This was probably a bad idea. I should have googled the name on the bottle to see if I could use it with the recipe......but again, the two kids under two thing was a bit of a priority.

The end result was simply ok. Not fantastic. It was easy and quick, but I probably wouldn't use this recipe again. I've got another recipe from E-Meals that adds baby bella mushrooms, and boy is that recipe ever amazing! Also, the serving size listed by Pioneer Woman is 6. She must have 6 adults in that household! It made a ton! Brian and I ate healthy portions the night of, had some for lunch the next day, and still had at least 4 more servings left. I would definitely cut this recipe in half or thirds next time.......

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