Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Super Hero Fort Kit

Found out just a few days ago that my nephew's 4th birthday party is tomorrow. With such short notice, I scrambled to find the perfect gift. He is having a Super Hero party, so I searched along those lines.

Check out this amazing blog post from Meg & Andy on how to create your very own DELUXE Super Hero Fort Kit. So thankful for her inspiration and quick thinking. For the canopy, I purchased a twin flat sheet from Walmart and some matching ribbon. I cut the ribbon into 18" pieces, folded in half and sewed the folded ends 1.5" zig zag on the underside of the sheet on each of the four corners and then in the middle of each side. When using ribbon, it's important to remember to melt the edges to prevent fraying. I use my aim 'n' flame candle lighter. If you get the flame too close, you'll burn the ribbon, so stay about 1/4" away. To make the drawstring bag, I bought 1/3 yard of 42" wide fabric from Hobby Lobby, folded it in half and trimmed 4" off from the selvage edges. Then I followed this fabulous tutorial at Purl Bee (just love all of her pictures). The project took about an hour, including the ironing (majority of the time) for the flat sheet.

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