Friday, March 15, 2013

Beach Cottage vs. Shabby Chic

What's the difference? Daily, I receive emails from Joss & Main, One Kings Lane, and a slew of other online stores selling beautiful things for fabulous prices. Sometimes as I scroll through their "sales" I'm drawn to specific styles, namely Beach Cottage and Shabby Chic (pronounced "sheek", from the French). But what's the difference?

Both styles are characterized by "light colors, neutral elements, and repurposed vintage items." The main difference lies in the way the styles make one feel. Feng shui??? Must be. Beach Cottage is relaxed and comfortable, while Shabby Chic is full of frills and fuss. The Cottage design lends itself to bright pops of colors (think coral, navy, chartreuse), whereas Shabby Chic follows a muted palette (think beige, soft pink, lilac). So which one am I? I feel the most comfortable with the Shabby colors, but am invigorated by those Cottage blasts. Maybe I'm a bit of both.

Check out this fun quiz, from Better Homes & Gardens, to help determine YOUR color personality! Apparently I am Blushing Pink:
"Bridging the dichotomy between sweet and sophisticated, this blush pink palette transcends styles and eras. Swirled with lavenders and minty greens, it carries you to a pastoral 19th-century English cottage. Or teamed with gray and black, or magenta and chocolate, the look evokes a Park Avenue flat circa 1950." 
...I really am stuck in the Shabby Chic color palette! HELP! 

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