Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby #2

SURPRISE! We're pregnant! I'm writing this on March 21, 2013 but this won't be published for a few weeks! We found out last Saturday morning. Shocked? Oh yes. Planning? Nope. For monitoring ovulation for months on end when trying to get pregnant with Sophia, I'm not sure what happened here. We're due November 21st! Sophia and Baby #2 will be 21 months apart.

The day before taking the test, I was incredibly nervous distraught! I was only 2 days late, but my frequent bathroom visits were very telling. In my head, I kept telling myself that if I was pregnant, I might have to take a vacation, just jump on a plane and get away for a few days. How in the world could God expect me to go through another year like this past one? No sleep ---- even when everyone and everything tells you sleep should be happening at night; colic ---- dear my that was just plain awful; breastfeeding ---- I can't even go there. But I prayed that the Lord would calm my heart; that if we were pregnant, my response would be joy and thanksgiving, not tears and fear.

Saturday morning came early. That second line appeared. Brian and I laughed. There was joy. Complete joy. Praise God for "pregnancy grace". The rest of the weekend was full of projects: cleaning out the baby's closet and moving my craft storage into my linen closet in the master bath, sewing a car seat cover using this tutorial and leftover fabric, and planning out Sophia's new room design with the full size bed. In Brian's words, "Nothing like a good old fashioned unplanned pregnancy to get you motivated."

Our seat is pretty vertical, so it looks a bit funny.

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