Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Food Made Easy

I still can't believe the prices stores charge for such a TINY jar of pureed food. Of course, it's just 60 cents now, but what about when Miss S really starts eating solids?! There are a bazillion tutorials on how to make your very own baby food, so I'll simply direct you YouTube one of the many. A fantastic reference website is Wholesome Baby Food. The site has easy to search and follow recipes from your basic plain Jane sweet potatoes to a delicious meal! They have a companion book as well! My neighbor is lending me her's for the moment, and I can't believe how EASY and COST EFFECTIVE it is to simply make my own.

  • Food processor OR immersion blender. (I LOVE my Cuisinart processor!)
  • 3-4 Ice cube trays. (I picked mine up at the dollar store in a 3 pack.)
  • Cling wrap (to cover your trays once they are filled).
  • Quart/Gallon size freezer bags.
  • Sharpie.
It really doesn't take much! I picked up two small sweet potatoes from the store, microwaved them (I know, I would have preferred baking, but I didn't have time), peeled, tossed in the processor whole, and then continued to play with Sophia until they were a smooth paste. To thin them, I used water/formula. Then I poured them into the 1 tray and continued about my day. (Two larger potatoes probably would have filled two trays....) Each cube is 1 oz of food. Happy Processing!

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