Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crib Bedding Complete

From Drop Box

Here's how my homemade patterns all came together...

Bumpers: After laying out my fabric, I determined the dimensions I would need to use for length (based on inside measurements from the crib itself) and height (based on comments I found online 11" is standard). I cut my striped fabric first and made 8 long panels 27" wide (which includes 1/4" seam allowances). Then I cut 16 strips 1" wide of red fabric I found as a remnant. I was unsuccessful at finding a match for the fabric, so I made do with the 3/4 yard I had. Finally, I cut 8 panels of the brown & white fabric.

Once all of the material was ironed, I stitched the striped panels to the red strips, then the red strips to the brown & white fabric.
From Drop Box

From Drop Box

Next, I attached ribbons for ties (22" long ribbon, folded in half and stitched folded inside the two right sides of fabric). I sewed the top and sides completly and about 20" in from the ends for the bottom to allow for easy insertion of the bumper pads. I purchased preformed bumper pads from and had them shipped for free to my local Walmart. Overall, the bumpers came out cheaper this way than purchasing them with a coupon at the local sewing store.(I apologize for the lack of photos, I got carried away and left my phone in the other room.)

Mattress Cover: Koala Baby has a WIDE range of colors and patterns to choose from. I went with Ecru in Jersey Knit. So SOFT!

Crib Skirt: I originally had a VERY simple tutorial that I PLANNED to follow, but then ran into some creative snags. First, I wanted to make a cover for the springs mattress support so that the springs wouldn't tear up the bottom of the crib mattress. After constructing that out of some extra outdoor fabric, I decided that I could velcro the crib skirts to that piece rather than velcro-ing directly to the crib mattress support. I figured that the skirts would help the outdoor fabric cover to stay in the right place. We'll see how well that works...

For the skirting, I added red strips to the bottom to match the red strips of fabric in the bumper pads. The hide the raw edge of the red strips, I used Heat & Bond. I wanted to use the same Heat & Bond to hide the raw edge of the yellow fabric, but Heat & Bond doesn't take kindly to heavy, outdoor fabric. Stitch Witchery worked marvelously instead! I then attached 1" pieces of velcro to the skirting. This way, the skirting can be shortened as the crib level is lowered.

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