Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Introducing Miss S

This morning we got to see our little bundle of joy push and kick her way around my belly! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The ultrasound tech took tons of pictures and labeled them for us. Her feet might have been the cutest! That's right, it's a girl! We are so incredibly thrilled! I never thought I would hear the question, "Do you want to know what it is?" directed toward me. I teared up a bit just thinking about how special this day --- that moment --- was!

I started feeling her kicks and punches about a week ago. I was sitting on the couch, watching the evening news when I felt a tap from the inside. It was followed by another tap and I looked to find someone to tell! Brian was outside working on our shed and the dog was at the neighbor's. The best I could do was grab my phone and turn on the video camera. After 2 minutes of waiting very quietly, there was no movement! Disappointed, I turned off the camera and called my mom. She confirmed that those little taps were probably the baby (apparently gas is painful and baby pokes aren't...for now). When Brian finally came inside, we sat on the couch for an hour just waiting for more taps. Since then, the baby has become more active. If I hunch over to write something, Miss S quickly reminds me that I'm cramping her style.

Watching her on the ultrasound today was so sweet! The ultrasound tech is 99% sure that Miss S is a "miss", but did warn us that boy parts can drop later than expected in some cases. We aren't scheduled to have any more ultrasounds (covered by insurance), so we might look into having one done out-of-pocket in the next few months. The doctor was very confident that it was okay to start investing in pink! So, we'll see. We don't have a nursery theme picked out yet. I've been searching all over the web, but haven't seen anything I love. I have found a few sites that showcase fantastic fabrics as the basis for color themes. That might be the way we go.

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