Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning To Cook

I've never been the most confident fact, I would rather avoid cooking than fail at a meal. I guess you could say that my perfectionism has quietly crept into my kitchen life! However, I have a goal for change. I am not exactly sure how I will accomplish my goal, but it must be done! I must not fear the spatula...or the oven.

Today I took my first big leap. A friend of mine told me about Crock Pot Girl, so I searched her page earlier this week for a good recipe: Chicken and Dumplings! I've made it on the stove before, but have always thought that the condensed soup made it too salty. This new recipe was a success! A bit on the bland side, but not salty! Brian was pretty thrilled about it too. He's not one to praise food, but he cleaned his plate, so I chalk that up to a win and a recipe worth repeating. Thanks Crock Pot Girl!

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