Friday, July 1, 2011

Furniture on the Move

A few weeks ago, we checked out the new couches on Haverty's website. I thought I found something I could love, so we drove to the store that weekend. Have you ever thought something was perfect and then after sitting on it asked yourself, "How in the world did this get past quality control!?" The lovely sofa sounded like a babie's diaper. The saleslady explained that it was the wrapping around the down feathers that made the sound. Not a good enough reason for me! She asked us what we were looking for and I told her all about my checklist. Surprisingly, she said that they had a new couch on the floor that wasn't online yet because it's a new supplier. SOFA LOVE at FIRST SIGHT! We've made our order and expect delivery by August! It's a sleeper, of course. We also ordered two chairs. I am not sold on the fabric (yet), but the saleswoman said that if we bought 3 pieces, the sofa would be 10% off (basically paying for the additional perk of the sleeper). She also told us that since the chairs were not special orders, we could simply return them within 3 days of delivery. We are looking forward to all of our new pieces! Here are some sneak peaks!
From Drop Box
From Drop Box

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