Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sofa Woes

Two Saturdays ago, I traveled to the Bassett showroom and THOUGHT I was going to purchase my new, dreamy sofa....preferably in a DIFFERENT fabric than the one pictured previously. However, I learned that sofa salesmen are extremely similar to used car salesmen and my vision vanished. After 3 hours of the sales person walking me around and around and around, I left and decided that it was such an unpleasant experience that I would boycott the shop...for now. I've never had someone who would make a commission try to talk me into purchasing something of less value or something completely different than what I was looking for.
So, the saga continues. I'm leaning toward my original pick (that I thought was overpriced,until I saw Thomasville's, Bassett's, and Ethan Allen's showrooms). Pottery Barn's Buchanan Sleeper Sofa is now at the top of our list. I've been searching for a store that carries one so that I can test it out before the big purchase. Brian and I learned from multiple salesmen that a sleeper will give the impression of longer lasting cushions. Deceitful? No. Our current couch is 9 years old and has a great overall shape for the wear and tear it's seen. It's also a sleeper, which prevents the seat cushions from sagging over time. I read through the customer comments on PB's site. A few that stand out that I think that are worth investigating is how firm the cushions are, if the cushions really slide out when you sit on them, and how easily the cushions can be fluffed (or refilled if necessary). No one mentioned it, but I am curious about the stuffing itself. Is it just poly fill??? I am also not thrilled about the fact that all of the fabrics PB offers are majority cotton blends. Soft? yes. Durable? not so much.

Thrifty Decor Chick is apparently on the same search as us. I've been encouraged to know that we aren't the only ones struggling to find the BEST. Good House Keeping had these tips to keep in mind as well.

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  1. check out seleta at simply seleta.com. she is selling her Lee sofa for 1,200. it looks awesome, and she's a decorator, so she would have the best!!


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