Thursday, January 13, 2011

Downstairs Bathroom

Every one of my friends would tell you that I am afraid of color on walls. Every wall in our house is Relaxed Khaki (except a random blue room that the previous owner wanted blue). What if it doesn't look right? What if it doesn't match? I want color, but I have commitment issues! I decided to dive in with our downstairs bathroom. I started off with a light blue...but I really didn't like how cold it felt. So then I went with an olive color, but Brian said it looked like well...ya I resorted went to see my friend Sarah for some color help. She is WAY better at color choices than I am. I probably should have just asked her first, but I was "diving in"...I wasn't thinking!

We walked through her house and I picked out shades of green that I liked. I took a towel and some names of other colors she had picked out, but I was unsuccessful at Lowes. I ended back up at Ace, my fav, where I told them the entire round-about story of my color woes. The paint guy told me he wouldn't sell me any more big cans until after I tried some smaller cans first. I picked up Sherwood Green and Wedgewood Grey. By the time I got home, I realized that I liked the Grey color more so I should probably save it for a bigger space (like my dining day). Here are some of the latest pictures. I am hoping to do a travel theme!

Here's some inspiration links: Wall Clocks with times of places that we've been (i.e., Eisenach, Germany), Vintage Post Cards banner or framed, and I would love to get some crown moulding to top it off.

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